Courses for exchange students

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Code Title Start
Business Administration
FE1426 Introduction to Marketing 7,5 ECTS Spring-13
Cancelled Marketing of High-Tech Products, Services ... 7,5 ECTS Autumn-12
KI1401 Chinese Introduction I 7,5 ECTS Autumn-12
Computer Technology
DV1304 Human Computer Interaction 7,5 ECTS Autumn-12
PA1303 Software Metrics 7,5 ECTS Spring-13
PA2405 Software Verification and Validation 7,5 ECTS Spring-13
DV2401 Agent Systems 7,5 ECTS Spring-13
DV2530 Decision Support Systems 7,5 ECTS Autumn-12
DV2408 Decision Support Systems 7,5 ECTS Autumn-12
PA2406 Applied Software Project Management 7,5 ECTS Autumn-12
DV2507 Models and human-machine-interaction 7,5 ECTS Autumn-12
PA1308 Software Architectures and Quality 7,5 ECTS Autumn-12
PA2411 Global Software Engineering 7,5 ECTS Autumn-12
DV1307 Performance Optimization 7,5 ECTS Autumn-12
PA2408 Software Quality Management 7,5 ECTS Autumn-12
PA2414 Advanced Software Project Management 7,5 ECTS Autumn-12
PA2410 Product-line Architecture 7,5 ECTS Autumn-12
PA2417 Large Scale Requirements Engineering 7,5 ECTS Autumn-12
DV2508 Advanced Topic in Computing 7,5 ECTS Autumn-12
DV1319 Introduction to Computer Security 7,5 ECTS Autumn-12
DV2409 Software Security 7,5 ECTS Autumn-12
DV1318 Applied Artificial Intelligence 7,5 ECTS Autumn-12
PA1310 Practical Requirements Engineering 7,5 ECTS Autumn-12
DV2406 Machine Learning 7,5 ECTS Autumn-12
DV1402 UNIX and Linux, an overview and introduction 7,5 ECTS Autumn-12
DV2517 Sketches for design processes 7,5 ECTS Autumn-12
DV2506 Interaction design and game technologies 7,5 ECTS Autumn-12
PA2404 Research Methodologies in Software Enginee... 7,5 ECTS Spring-13
PA2416 Server Architectures 7,5 ECTS Spring-13
PA1313 Workplace Education in Software Engineerin... 15 ECTS Spring-13
Cancelled Human Computer Interaction (HCI) in Games 7,5 ECTS Autumn-12
Cancelled Programming in UNIX Environment 7,5 ECTS Autumn-12
Cancelled Computer Security 7,5 ECTS Spring-13
Cultural studies
DK1405 Digital Rhetoric II 10 ECTS Spring-13
DK1412 Culture studies 2 10 ECTS Spring-13
DK1414 Project Course 10 ECTS Spring-13
DK1402 Digital Culture 10 ECTS Spring-13
DK1415 Project Leadership and Entrepreneurship in... 10 ECTS Autumn-12
DK1420 Language Studies 2 10 ECTS Spring-13
Cancelled Language Studies 2 10 ECTS Spring-13
DK1404 Digital rhetoric 1 10 ECTS Spring-13
Electrical Engineering
ET1208 Software Development for Telecommunication... 7,5 ECTS Spring-13
ET2440 TCP/IP Internetworking 7,5 ECTS Autumn-12
ET2504 Computer Networking Software Tools 7,5 ECTS Autumn-12
ET1201 Mobile Communications 7,5 ECTS Autumn-12
ET2441 Capacity Analysis 7,5 ECTS Autumn-12
ET2437 Network Security 7,5 ECTS Autumn-12
ET2503 Mobile Services 7,5 ECTS Autumn-12
ET2512 Green Networking 7,5 ECTS Autumn-12
Cancelled Modelling and verification 7,5 ECTS Spring-13
Cancelled Project Course in Electrical Engineering 7,5 ECTS Spring-13
Cancelled Applied Signal Processing 7,5 ECTS (distanskurs) Spring-13
EN1129 Academic English 7,5 ECTS Autumn-12
EN1129 Academic English 7,5 ECTS Spring-13
Environmental Science
Cancelled Engineering for a Sustainable Society 7,5 ECTS (distanskurs) Spring-13
Health Care and Caring Science
VO1404 Paediatric Nursing 4,5 ECTS Spring-13
VO1406 Specific Nursing within Maternity Care 3 ECTS Spring-13
VO1210 Specific Nursing within ordinary Health Care 15 ECTS Spring-13
VO1114 Intercultural Perspective on Health Care 7,5 ECTS Spring-13
OM1419 Basic Research Design and Methods 7,5 ECTS Spring-13
Industrial Engineering and Management
IE2513 Management of Technology och Innovation 7,5 ECTS Spring-13
IE2514 Open Innovation and Open Source 7,5 ECTS Spring-13
Cancelled Introduction to Strategic Sustainable Deve... 7,5 ECTS (distanskurs) Spring-13
Mathematical Statistics
MS1102 Random Processes 7,5 ECTS Autumn-12
MA1305 Complex Analysis and Transforms 7,5 ECTS Autumn-12
Mechanical Engineering
MT2405 Computational Engineering 1 7,5 ECTS Spring-13
MT2511 Research Methodology with Emphasis on Engi... 7,5 ECTS Spring-13
MT1401 Technical Communication for Engineers 7,5 ECTS Spring-13
MT2415 Structural Analysis 7,5 ECTS Spring-13
MT1309 Mechanical oscillations 7,5 ECTS Spring-13
MT1308 Development project for exchange students 20 ECTS Spring-13
Cancelled Creativity for Product- and Service Develo... 7,5 ECTS Spring-13
Spatial Planning
FM2413 Project work for exchange students 15 ECTS Spring-13
FM2530 Dilemmas of the sustainable city 10 ECTS Spring-13
FM2529 Research design, research methods 5 ECTS Spring-13
FM1311 Architecture 7,5 ECTS Spring-13
FM1440 Environmental Assessment 6 ECTS Spring-13
FM2534 European Cohesion Policy 5 ECTS Spring-13
FM2533 European Cohesion and Spatial Planning 10 ECTS Autumn-12
FM2536 Sustainable Development - Theory and Practice 10 ECTS Autumn-12
FM2432 Introduction Urban Design 3 ECTS Autumn-12
FM2433 Art, Architecture and Planning from a Euro... 4 ECTS Autumn-12
FM2435 Urban Design 1, Life in Public Space. 15 ECTS Autumn-12
FM2437 Urban theory perspectives. 4 ECTS Autumn-12
FM2532 European integration 10 ECTS Autumn-12
FM2537 Innovative Regions – Theory and Practice 10 ECTS Spring-13
FM2544 Regional Disparities – Theory and Practice 10 ECTS Spring-13
Swedish/Scandinavian language
SV0001 Swedish for International Students 1 7,5 ECTS Autumn-12
SV0001 Swedish for International Students 1 7,5 ECTS Autumn-12
SV0004 Swedish for International Students 3 7,5 ECTS Spring-13
SV0008 Swedish Language Introduction I 7,5 ECTS Spring-13
SV0006 Swedish for International Students 1/Inten... 7,5 ECTS Autumn-12
Cancelled Swedish for International Students 1 7,5 ECTS Spring-13
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