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() = Distance programme or distance course

Spr = spring semester, Aut = autumn semester, Sum = summer course, code = code for application

Code Title Start
Computer Science
Closed Master of Science Program in Computer Science 120 ECTS Autumn-15
Electrical Engineering
Closed Master of Science Programme in Electrical Engineering with emphasis on Signal Processing 120 ECTS Autumn-15
Closed Master of Science Programme in Electrical Engineering with emphasis on Telecommunication Systems 120 ECTS Autumn-15
Industrial Economics and Management
Closed MBA programme 60 ECTS Part time (distansprogram) Autumn-15
Mechanical Engineering
Closed Master’s Programme in Mechanical Engineering with Emphasis on Structural Engineering 120 ECTS Autumn-15
Closed Master of Science in Sustainable Product-Service System Innovation 120 ECTS Autumn-15
Nursing Science
BTH-70510 Programme for Specialist Nursing in Elderly Care 60 ECTS Autumn-15
Software Engineering
Cancelled Master of Science Programme in Mobile and Networked Software-Intensive Systems 120 ECTS (will not start autumn semester 2015) Autumn-15
Closed Master of Science Programme in Software Engineering 120 ECTS Autumn-15
Spatial Planning
Closed Master Programme in Sustainable Urban Planning 60 ECTS Autumn-15
Closed Joint Masters Programme in European Spatial Planning, Environmental Policies and Regional Development 120 ECTS Autumn-15
BTH-70513 Master programme in Strategic Spatial Planning 120 ECTS Autumn-15
BTH-70511 Master Programme in Urban Planning 120 ECTS Autumn-15
Strategic Leadership towards Sustainability
Closed Master's programme in Strategic Leadership towards Sustainability 60 ECTS Autumn-15
Code Title Start
Computer Technology
BTH-C5517 Computer Security 7,5 ECTS Autumn-15
BTH-C5518 Advanced Topic in Computing 7,5 ECTS Autumn-15
BTH-C5506 Decision Support Systems 7,5 ECTS Autumn-15
BTH-C5507 Machine Learning 7,5 ECTS Autumn-15
BTH-C5508 Software Security 7,5 ECTS Autumn-15
BTH-C5511 Applied Artificial Intelligence 7,5 ECTS Autumn-15
BTH-C5519 Agile and Lean Development of Software Int... 7,5 ECTS (distanskurs) Autumn-15
Electrical Engineering
BTH-G5533 Advanced Applied Signal Processing 7,5 ECTS (distanskurs) Autumn-15
BTH-G5509 Antenna Theory 7,5 ECTS Autumn-15
BTH-G5510 App development with audio applications – ... 15 ECTS (distanskurs) Autumn-15
BTH-G5501 TCP/IP Internetworking 7,5 ECTS Autumn-15
BTH-G5502 Capacity Analysis 7,5 ECTS Autumn-15
BTH-G5503 Computer Networking Software Tools 7,5 ECTS Autumn-15
BTH-G5504 Green Networking 7,5 ECTS Autumn-15
Mathematical Statistics
BTH-G5524 Random Processes 7,5 ECTS Autumn-15
BTH-M5505 Higher education pedagogy – introductory c... 7,5 ECTS Autumn-15

Closed = The programme/course is full or has been offered for such a long time that applications can no longer be acceptered.
Note that this does not mean that there is a guarantee that applications for additional courses will be accepted since there might be applications already being processed leading to the programme/course getting full.

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