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() = Distance programme or distance course

Spr = spring semester, Aut = autumn semester, Sum = summer course, code = code for application

Code Title Start
Computer Technology
BTH-C5336 Agile and Lean Development of Software Int... 7,5 ECTS (distanskurs) Spring-15
BTH-D5305 Information retrieval for PhD students 3 ECTS Spring-15
Electrical Engineering
BTH-C5330 Network Management 7,5 ECTS Spring-15
BTH-C5332 Simulation 7,5 ECTS Spring-15
BTH-C5333 Applied Network Management 7,5 ECTS Spring-15
BTH-G5334 App development with audio applications – ... 15 ECTS (distanskurs) Spring-15
BTH-G5335 Sound and Vibration Analysis 7,5 ECTS Spring-15
Health Care and Caring Science
BTH-H5322 e-Health from a Caring Perspective 7,5 ECTS (distanskurs) Spring-15
Industrial Engineering and Management
BTH-G5340 Introduction to Strategic Sustainable Deve... 7,5 ECTS (distanskurs) Spring-15
BTH-G5328 Electromagnetic field theory 7,5 ECTS Spring-15
Spatial Planning
BTH-Y5320 Sustainable urban planning and design 7,5 ECTS Spring-15
BTH-Y5321 Theory and methodology of research 7,5 ECTS Spring-15
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