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Code Title Start
Cancelled Chinese Introduction I 7,5 ECTS (distanskurs) Spring-16
Cancelled Chinese Introduction II 7,5 ECTS (distanskurs) Spring-16
Cancelled Basic Course in Chinese 15 ECTS (distanskurs) Spring-16
Cancelled Chinese Introduction I 7,5 ECTS Spring-16
Computer Technology
BTH-C5531 Computer Graphics 7,5 ECTS (distanskurs) Spring-16
BTH-C5532 Agile and Lean Development of Software Int... 7,5 ECTS (distanskurs) Spring-16
BTH-D5300 Information retrieval for PhD students 3 ECTS (distanskurs) Spring-16
Electrical Engineering
BTH-G5540 Modelling 2 3 ECTS (distanskurs) Spring-16
BTH-G5541 Analysis and Modelling of Systems within E... 3 ECTS (distanskurs) Spring-16
BTH-G5542 Analysis and Modelling of Dynamic Properti... 3 ECTS (distanskurs) Spring-16
BTH-G5543 Analysis and modeling of Smart home and he... 3 ECTS (distanskurs) Spring-16
Health Care and Caring Science
BTH-H5505 e-Health from a Caring Perspective 7,5 ECTS (distanskurs) Spring-16
Industrial Engineering and Management
BTH-G5544 Environmental Management 7,5 ECTS (distanskurs) Spring-16
BTH-G5545 Introduction to Strategic Sustainable Deve... 7,5 ECTS (distanskurs) Spring-16
Mechanical Engineering
BTH-G5546 Lean Production 7,5 ECTS (distanskurs) Spring-16
BTH-M5510 Higher education pedagogy - project course 7,5 ECTS Spring-16
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